Day 2 - Building Jotion

Day 2 - Building Jotion

On the second day of our application development journey, I made significant strides by creating a resizable, animated sidebar component that's also mobile-responsive. Additionally, I added Google Auth support and began working on the application schema.

Resizable and Animated Sidebar:

One of the core features of our application is a user-friendly sidebar. Here's what I achieved:

  • Resizability: I implemented a sidebar that users can easily resize, allowing them to customize their workspace according to their preferences.

  • Animation: To enhance the user experience, I incorporated smooth animations to give the sidebar an engaging and polished feel.

  • Mobile Responsiveness: Recognizing the importance of mobile users, I ensured that the sidebar functions seamlessly on various devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

Google Auth Provider:

To broaden our authentication options and make it even more user-friendly, I integrated Google Auth into our application. This means users can sign in or register using their Google accounts, which is often a preferred choice for many.

Building Schema:

A structured schema is the backbone of our application, and I've started work on it:

  • Schema Definition: I began defining the data structure that our application will use to store and manage information.

  • Data Relationships: I established connections between different data points to ensure data consistency and retrieval efficiency.

  • Data Validation: To maintain data integrity, I started implementing validation rules within the schema.

Day 2 has been packed with achievements that will significantly impact the usability and attractiveness of our application. The resizable, animated sidebar, mobile responsiveness, Google Auth integration, and the foundation of our schema are key components that will make our application more engaging and versatile. I'm excited to see our project taking shape, and I look forward to sharing more updates as we continue to make progress. Stay tuned!

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